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  • Obscene Mexican Japanese Generals January 9, 2018

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary , trackback

    japanese generals

    Beach came across this list of Japanese generals that was allegedly published in a Mexican newspaper in 1941. It was republished in A. Jimenez, Picardía Mexicana in 1965. The joke is that the names are all clever and very obscene double entendres in Mexican Spanish. Beach does not understand them all, but if anyone else can help and manages to translate in such a way that Google will not get angry, then all the better…

    Japanese occupation forces arrive to govern this population, commanded by the generals

    Machaira Sakkudas

    Tinyek Toho Koky

    Yokero Tuchiko [I want your child]

    Kommo Teheide

    Mipicha Tikabe [I fit into you well]

    Yotago Tui Jitto

    Shimimama Yoro

    Tunalga Tessuda

    Minabo Tadduro [my member is so hard]

    Tuhoyo Teatako [I attack your hole]

    Mokko Yamma

    Hoguita Tekojo

    Yanomi Loto Kes [Don’t touch me there any more]

    Kimono Tuo Yitto

    Tuchiche Takaida

    Nojoda Migatta [Don’t have sex with my cat]

    Can anyone help with the others: drbeachcombing AT gmail DOT com and has anyone ever come across anything like this before from WW2?

    NB This possibly began with Minabo Tadduro which is a credible Japanese name: or at least ‘Minabo Taduro‘ is. Perhaps the Mexican ‘correspondent’ heard it and was inspired?