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Eating Flags December 22, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary, Modern
Eating Flags

In Beachcombing compendious filing cabinets there is a surprisingly thin folder on flags. ‘Surprising’ as flags, as highly charged symbols, encourage moving and peculiar behaviour. One of the most notable films of the last years is, after all, the Flags of Our Fathers (2006) telling the story of that photograph and Old Glory on Iwo […]

Dunkirk and Golden Bridges December 13, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary
Dunkirk and Golden Bridges

Dunkirk is one of those moments in recent history that you have to look at sideways to have even a modest chance of understanding and still then there is something that defies analysis. How was it that the British Expeditionary Force, demoralized, bloodied and on the run, with the greatest army of the twentieth century […]

Gunfire in Notre Dame November 9, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Contemporary
Gunfire in Notre Dame

A wibt (wish I’d been there) moment in a snatch of about five minutes as Mrs B is still far away from home and Beachcombing has to undertake full babysitting duties for his two terrifying daughters. 26 August 1944, after four long years of Nazi occupation, Paris is liberated by Allied troops and marching into […]

Blondie at Cresson October 6, 2011

Author: Beach Combing | in : Medieval