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  • Beachcombed 19 January 1, 2012

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    A Happy 1st Jan to All Readers!

    2011 was the year that Beachcombing moved off word press and ventured, however, tentatively onto twitter: Strange History has rated between the sixth and the third history blog on google.com since the summer with between 1500 and 2500 hits a day. 2012 will see the first Beachcombing books and there is no link to that for the sad reason that none are quite ready yet. They will be modest ‘edited’ affairs (ahem!).

    In his family the single worst memories of the year were the the mice under the stairs and the headlice – which means it was hardly bad at all. The best memories were reading fairy stories to his elder daughter and reading nineteenth-century records of fairies to himself: general good health was also a pleasant surprise. As the Euro crisis thundered on Beach felt like a French coastal dweller in the Longest Day alternatively cheering as the Allied bombardment begins and screaming as his house is destroyed. The coastal road, the grains of sand and the Allies themselves will all likely be blown to pieces in 2012. Tomorrow, meanwhile, our new aupair arrives and will be paid in what passes for currency in Italy: poor girl…

    The most popular post of the year was Black Cats, Queen Victoria Drinks Blood from a Skull in Tibet and Jesus Christ and an Egg from Leeds. Beach has to say that he particularly enjoyed the Immortal Champagne Toast, the Zambian Space Programme and the Mid Atlantic Taxi. Biggest mistake was his appalling slandering of Silvio Berlusconi and a few others errors (Shetlands do not equal Orkney etc etc) that he is trying hard to forget.

    Offworld he would like to give a plug to Detritus of Empire and A Man Called Da Da  He also cannot get this short video of the Polish Cavalry in the September War out of his head: his best viewing of the year and one that has already been offered up.

    Below there are the ten thousand words of readers emails from readers over the last month. Beach was particularly excited by the email about the ‘ghosts’ of the British Museum and Katharine Briggs unlikely lack of fact checking. He also liked the advancing knowledge about the FIS: but then anything faery…



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