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  • Beachcombed 40 October 1, 2013

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    Dear Reader, October

    Beach is presently away from home. Mrs Beach is at home dealing with one child with chronic and coming earache and the other bairn with chronic and now going toothache. Funny how imperfectly the human body is made. Father-in-law’s builder crisis continues though the first assault on the dishonest so and sos got them to knock 25% off their price. Other than that strangely serene autumn. Students even pleasanter than normal and there is a sense that the summer has tipped over into fall. Ran out of time before putting up all the comments. However, there are well over 10,000 words here to keep those who are interested going and the others will appear in the next days. And anyone who is feeling down why not enjoy Cato speaking at Caesar’s empty consul chair. Optimates! Thanks to all those who wrote in with links and with comments. You are represented below.


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