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  • The Wood County Creature!!! November 23, 2013

    Author: Beach Combing | in : Actualite , trackback

    the creature

    Some very sad news from the US: the death of Nick Reiter. Nick was a paranormal investigator based in Ohio and his website contains a series of investigations of mysterious cases, particularly hauntings. Beach hasn’t got much time for all this ghost-busters stuff, but Nick’s writing gives the phantoms a rare edge and more particularly Nick provided Beach with two of his favourite stories of all time: one paranormal and one not. The first was Eva Braun’s knickers, still unsold at Mantiques if you feel a letch coming on and, of course, if your pockets are full of green. The second the Wood County Creature, which has never been discussed before on this site. The Wood County Creature, you ask anxiously, what is that? [cue spooky music] Well, Beach’s guess is that here we have an ingenious practical joke involving a trolley and a kid’s toy, but even if that is the case it would be right to record it here because the photograph is frightening. Here is Nick’s description.

    On 18 December, 2011, an unusual digital photograph was forwarded to me by a local friend and correspondent, active in the paranormal investigation field for some years. The photo had been originally sent to her by a female friend, who in turn had obtained it from a member of her own extended family. The photograph had been taken by a motion sensitive commercial ‘deer camera’, one of several placed on the young woman’s family farm property by her father and uncle. Since the late 1990s, such cameras are common in farm country, giving property owners and hunters a good glimpse at the quality and count of local herds that graze.

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    We’ve given an outline of the story here, though obviously for full information you should go to the relevant page of Nick’s site. Beach has also taken the precaution of copying the page down just in case the site now should disappear. If in the future you follow this link and it is dead, get in touch (drbeachcombing AT yahoo DOT com) and I’ll put up a pdf on this page so there is no danger of the WCC being lost to science or to the academy of mysteries or to the small canon of beautiful practical jokes.  Very great and sincere commiserations to Nick’s family and friends: just reading his pages for twenty minutes this morning leaves no doubt that this was someone who lived life to its full. (I doubt the same could be said for the Wood County Creature….)